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Understanding Product Labels: What is a Label?

Understanding Product Labels: What is a Label?

A label is anything that contains information about the item that is being labelled for easy identification. It can be an informative, descriptive, or pictorial label attached to a product or any item, such as a tag, mark, or brand. It gives detailed and relevant information about the product so that customers can easily recognize or distinguish it.

Large corporations and manufacturers have pre-made labels that are automatically attached to their products. For e-commerce, offices, and small businesses, however, they begin by creating their own custom labels in basic editing software such as Microsoft Words. Barcodes, nutrition facts labels, mailing labels, and other labels are examples of labels.

Companies and small businesses use three major types of labels for their products and operations: brand labels, informative labels, descriptive labels.

Types of Labels:


Brand Labels

Brand labels are labels that only contain the product's brand name. They provide information about the product's brand and can be removable or not.

Informative Labels

These labels include product information such as the manufacturer's name, manufacture and expiry dates, intermediaries, and additional usage instructions. Informative labels are more detailed than descriptive labels.

Descriptive Labels

Descriptive labels typically include information about how to use the product, such as features, handling, security, and storage. Furthermore, these are used for products with undifferentiable grades.


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