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Guide to Label Materials


Guide to Label Materials 

A custom product label with a quality labelling machine is an excellent way to package a new product or rebrand the packaging of an existing product. However, with so many label materials available, selecting the right one can be difficult. At Labelling To Pack, we've attempted to assist you in finding the ideal label material for your product by providing a quick-reference guide as well as a few visuals to get you started!


1) White Plastic Labels

The most versatile and widely used label material is white plastic, also known as white BOPP. It can be applied to almost any product because it is both waterproof and oil-resistant. White Plastic labels are simple to apply by hand or machine, making them an excellent choice for both small-batch artisans and large manufacturers. White Plastic labels also have an excellent low-temperature application range, allowing them to be used on frozen food packaging!


2) White Vinyl Labels


The most durable label material is white vinyl. This material is waterproof, oil and weather resistant, and chemical resistant. White vinyl is thick and durable, and it is simple to apply by hand or machine. White Vinyl labels, with their strong adhesive and flexibility, are ideal for products with a diameter of 1'' or less, such as lip balm tubes or vape cartridges.

3) Holographic Plastic Labels

Holographic Plastic is a beautiful reflective label material with unique rainbow effects in the light. Holographic Plastic labels will undoubtedly catch the attention of even the most discerning customers in a sea of metallic foil packaging. The material is waterproof, oil-resistant, and can withstand temperatures of up to 150° C.

4) Metallic Plastic Labels

Metallic Plastic is a shiny metalized polypropylene film that is both waterproof and oil-resistant. Metallic Plastic is a tougher material than it appears; high tensile strength makes these labels ideal for automatic label dispensing, and great temperature resistance allows labels to withstand a variety of environments. Because metallic plastic is highly customizable, you are not limited to gold or silver.

5) Clear Plastic Labels

Clear plastic is the most cost-effective clear label material. This crystal-clear label material is waterproof, oil-resistant, and can even be used at low temperatures, allowing you to label frozen items! The Clear Plastic's tensile strength makes it ideal for label application machines, but when hand-applying, keep an eye out for fingerprints.

6) White Paper Labels

White Paper label materials are an excellent choice for products that do not require a heavy-duty label. White paper labels are the most cost-effective option for products that will not come into contact with water or oil. This high-quality paper material has a bright white, opaque facestock that showcases your label design beautifully. For added personalization, artisans frequently combine White Paper labels with a satin laminate, allowing them to write dates, varieties, and so on.


7) Black Vellum Labels

Black Vellum is a sophisticated specialty paper that is entirely black, even on the edges and back. When paired with anything else, black Vellum labels blend in seamlessly on black containers and provide a striking contrast. The paper is also water-resistant, making it suitable for use as a wine or craft beer label. With a smooth finish, this label material is sure to elevate your packaging.

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